Fat Loss Solutions For People Who Have Tried Everything Else

A Letter From Employee Of The Year 2016: Kim S.

Hi there, I’m Kim, and if you're tired of the pain and struggle of being overweight, then high five, because today is the day it all changes for you.

Imagine yourself enjoying the foods you love without worrying about overeating.

You can see and feel the fat disappearing all over your body, like a melting ice cube.

Well, thanks to over a decade of lab research and testing, your solution is right here on this page, and I’ll share it with you in just a minute…

First, I’m going to a share a story with you that’s pretty embarrassing, and you’ll see why in just a moment, so keep reading…

I remember it was a beautiful sunny Saturday in April 2012.

I was wearing black leggings and a big teal top so I could pull it down over my butt. These were from K-Mart… because Lulu didn’t carry anything my size..  Fun, right?

I remember my top constantly riding up and I had to pull it back down again… and I hated the irritation and little bumps from my thighs rubbing together.

I felt stressed and trapped.

Here’s the thing…

I should have been enjoying this beautiful sunny day because I was with my hubby and two boys at Disney World. We had been so excited for this trip, but I just couldn’t get out of my own head…

At this point in my life, I thought that things couldn’t get worse… although they were about to, and I’ll share that with you in a moment… and maybe you can relate to these feelings I went through, and you know you need to change something too...

You see, I knew I was in a position where I needed to change, but one more thing had to happen before I really got it...

We were in line for Affection Station (my boys think goats are hilarious) and then it happened:

I overheard this adorable little girl say 5 really not adorable words to her mom… words that had me holding back tears after they really sunk in. She said, “mommy… how come she’s so big?”

Her mom tried to reply quietly, but I could still hear her say, “baby don’t point at people, ok? it’s rude.”

“but why is her tummy so big? is she ok?”

“yes honey… some people just eat too much and don’t care about their health”

Her mom looked like she’s never known how it feels to have your jeans get tighter and tighter until you suddenly only wear leggings....

...or how it feels to see people judging you with their eyes, when they don’t even know you.

She’ll never know how it feels, and that’s why it hurt.

It hurt so much, I made the most important decision I’ve ever made:

I decided I would NEVER EVER let my weight stop me from enjoying life again.

So that night in our little Disney World condo, I put the boys to bed early. Thank goodness they were all tuckered out from a long day of fun and rides… and goats. ;)

I got out my iPad and started searching…

I read through dozens of sites telling me stuff I already knew. Even worse, those sites were filled with ads for cheap, mass-marketed diet gimmicks I’ve already tried in the past. I’ve probably tried everything in Wal-Mart too, all with zero results.

That’s when I discovered it...

I found a forum where some girls were talking about this prescription diet pill called phentermine, asking where they could get it. Why? Because they couldn’t find a doctor who offered it.

I browsed their discussions for hours until stumbled upon Andrea’s story…

That’s when I knew I had uncovered something powerful.

Andrea’s doc had put her on phentermine for 3 months, and it worked GREAT for her. She felt energetic and even forgot about food because she just wasn’t hungry. No cravings, no hunger pangs, just easy weight loss, and she was down 23lbs already.

But at the end of month three, her doc took her off of phentermine because it has potentially dangerous side effects, and it can only be prescribed for a short time.

Then Andrea got a pleasant surprise at her next weigh-in.

Her doctor recommended a new system for patients who couldn’t be on phentermine for whatever reason (didn’t qualify, under 18 years old, just got off 3 months of phentermine, etc).

The secret behind the system was this appetite suppressant called PhenterPro SR.

...and the crazy thing is, this system not only gave Andrea the hunger-stopping power and energy boost of phentermine…

It gave her all those benefits without the mood swings, headaches, dry mouth and jittery feelings she experienced with phentermine.

And here’s the best part: I was able to purchase PhenterPro online because it’s currently available without a prescription from a doctor.

I received my PhenterPro from this very website you’re on right now, and within 30 minutes after I took my first pill in the morning, I realized my life was about to change.

Here’s how you will feel on PhenterPro.

  • Take your first pill in the morning with a glass of water
  • Within 30 minutes you’ll feel an uplifting energy, optimism and alertness.
  • You’ll also notice the powerful appetite suppression stops food cravings and hunger. You may even realize you forgot to eat sometimes.
  • Take your second pill at lunch time with a glass of water, and you’ll enjoy the energy and appetite suppression through dinner time, and the energy wears off around an hour before bedtime.

PhenterPro gave me more energy and I just stopped feeling hungry or craving anything. I lost fat around my waist/stomach and my thighs stopped rubbing together (new world!), and in total I ended up losing 4 dress sizes. That’s 23lbs of fat that is not longer holding me down from living a life I love.

I still wanted to lose about 10lbs more, and since PhenterPro is ok for long-term use, I called in to order 3 more months.

While I was on the phone, they asked me to share my testimonial. And because I was such a fan of the product, I went out on a limb and asked if they had any job openings.

That’s how I ended up working here as a weight loss coach at LipoSci Labs and PhenterPro.com.

If you ever need help with your order and you email us at cs@liposcilabs.com, chances are you’ll get a reply from me! To say I am passionate about my work is an understatement. :)

LipoSci Labs

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